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You’ve stum­b­led onto Udenriget.dk, the webs­ite of Søren Friis. Who’s that, you ask? Good question! I suppose I consi­der myself a writer and resear­cher mainly focu­sed on global poli­tics and history. I’m based in Denmark and usually cover topics from a Danish/Nordic perspective. My research bio - one version at least - goes as follows:

Søren Friis is a PhD candi­date at the School of Culture and Society, Aarhus Univer­sity, from where he holds an MA in Inter­national Studies. His PhD project criti­cally exami­nes the “security-develop­ment nexus” as concept and practice in Scan­di­navian foreign policies. He has publis­hed on the relation­ship between security and develop­ment, as well as other contem­porary issues, in a vari­ety of venues. He is a co-editor and contri­bu­tor to the forth­coming volume Zero Hours: Poli­tics of Time in Global Perspecti­ves, 1940s-1970s (Palgrave Macmil­lan).

Søren Friis has orga­nized cour­ses in inter­national and global history at Aarhus Univer­sity and is a former visi­ting scholar at Uppsala Univer­sity. His media contri­bu­tions include a number of arti­c­les and commen­ta­ries in the natio­nal press, e.g. as regu­lar contri­bu­tor to Poli­ti­ken, the largest Danish daily. He has commen­ted on global issues on radio and tele­vi­sion and contri­bu­ted as writer and editor to popu­lar maga­zines and news sites. As a parti­ci­pant in the Towards Good Society Project 2013-16, he began pursu­ing research on emer­ging trans­na­tio­nal (elite) networks in the 1920-30s, which he has presen­ted at inter­national conferences.

If you’re inte­r­e­sted in putting me to use as a writer, editor or colla­bo­ra­tor, please get in touch.


Søren Friis
mail: friis@udenriget.dk | phone: +45 2244 9034

Publications and research (selected)

- “Develop­ment Revi­si­ted: The Concept of Develop­ment and Global Time/Space Practi­ces,” with Marie-Chri­stine Boilard, in H. Schulz-Forberg and S. Friis (eds.), Zero Hours: Poli­tics of Time in Global Perspecti­ves, 1940s-1970s, Palgrave Macmil­lan, forth­coming 2018.

- “Inter­national Studies as Social Science Diplo­macy: Copenhagen’s Insti­tute of Econo­mics and History, the Inter­national Studies Conference, and Beyond,” presen­ted at ESSHC – Euro­pean Social Science History Conference 2018, Belfast, April 2018.

- “The Scan­di­navian Center: Denmark and the Early Years of Inter­national Studies under the League of Nations,” at The Inven­tion of Inter­national Bureaucracy blog, June 2017. Selected for a forth­coming antho­logy.

- “Social Science Diplo­macy: Dimen­sions of Trans­na­tio­nal Networ­king at Denmark’s First Inter­national Studies Think-Tank,” presen­ted at APH Int’l PhD Conference, Aarhus, June 2016.

- “Vores sikker­hed og verdens udvik­ling: Sikker­hed, bistand og begrebs­for­andring mellem Danmark og FN,” in temp – tids­skrift for histo­rie, 10, 2015, pp. 116-142.

- “Securing Develop­ment: The Concept­ual Entang­le­ment of Security and Develop­ment in Scan­di­navia,” presen­ted at ECPR Gene­ral Conference 2015, Montréal, August 2015.

- “Security and Develop­ment: Criti­cal Reflections on a Concept­ual and Poli­ti­cal Nexus” (selected review), in H-Soz-u-Kult, October 2014.

- “Reclai­m­ing Liberty and Security as Univer­sal Concepts” (book review), in Contri­bu­tions to the History of Concepts, 9 (2), 2014, pp. 104-108.

- “Weak Links and Strong Ties: Connect­ing Security and Develop­ment in Scan­di­navia”, presen­ted at IMT Lucca PhD Conference in Poli­ti­cal History, March 2014.

- “Securi­tized Development/Humanized Security: Linking Security and Develop­ment in Scan­di­navian Global Policies,” presen­ted to the Dept. of Gover­n­ment IP Group, Uppsala Univer­sity, November 2013.

- Europa i Forandring (text­book on the EU, 2nd edition), co-edited with M. Kelstrup, D.S. Martin­sen and M. Wind. Copen­ha­gen: Hans Reitzel, 2012.

- Between Inte­r­e­sts and Values: Danish Foreign Policy Discourse and the Iraq Conflict. Master’s thesis, Inter­national Studies, Aarhus Univer­sity, April 2010.

Selected arti­c­les and working papers are avai­lable at au.academia.edu/SørenFriis.